A radical new approach

Yet another Tennis Academy?  Not really!


Taking lessons for years to learn Tennis or just to improve your game is now history.

Thanks to the revolutionary Learning-Method IIML  (Integrated Isolated Motoric Learning)  learning Tennis has never been so easy nor so fast.


This helps newbies to overcome difficulties right from the start and to experience the fun of tennis much faster. For Pro´s it offers the possibility  to improve and make adjustments in their game which will last even within a tight tournament schedule.


TNT is new. TNT is different. TNT breaks with traditions such as, of stroke technical, tactical or didactical nature. TNT arranges everything among your personal success in game and your playing ability. This takes effect in the ways we teach and the methods we use. If you ask if there is room for innovations in modern Tennis? We say there definitely is. If you ask if the top players are playing the most successful Tennis possible? We say they definitely don't.


Since decades Tennis is undergoing an evolution. Seen historically Tennis is a sport for the elite and is underlying strict, sometimes aristocratic looking rules. Back then Tennis was played with heavy wooden rackets that had a slow acceleration. The first stroke techniques arose from those basics.


In fact a player named Björn Borg was derided for his Top-Spin style. Because not long ago a two-handed backhand was considered a weakness, whereas today it is considered to be an effective backhand variant especially against higher balls. Even if players like Dimitrov, Wawrinka and Federer are setting new accents here currently.


TNT is not only a Tennis Academy, it stands for new physically optimized learning contents additionally with the new IIML system, which is more efficient overall.